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Drapery Cleaning

We are able to provide the best solution and advice for a window treatment and any options for consideration.

As perhaps the most experienced and best trained drapery cleaner in Pasco County, we are able to provide your best solution for the cleaning and restoration of the original beauty of your professionally designed drapery. 

Professional Cleaning of Drapes, Curtains, Sheers, Valances and matching Bedding and Cushions.


Upholstery Cleaning Tampa, Pasco


There’s nothing like sinking into your favorite piece of furniture after a long day, but unfortunately items like sofas and chairs can undergo a great deal of wear and tear. Then you notice that it has become dingy and dull and that a professional cleaning is in order.

Pet Odor Removal Tampa, Pasco

Pet Odor Removal

Whether cat urine, dog urine or other urine, we remove all urine stains and urine odors, guaranteed!

Pet urine decontamination normally requires more specialized deodorizing techniques. To remove musty odor associated with moisture, ultimately it's important to identify and correct the moisture (high humidity) intrusion problem. Odor associated with disaster contaminates (smoke, trauma events) requires highly specialized procedures and techniques.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tampa, Pasco

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Top-Quality Business and Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Perhaps you’re aware of the excellent quality residential cleaning services provided by us, but we bring these same standards and unparalleled techniques to businesses and commercial spaces as well.

Water Damage Restoration Tampa, Pasco

Water Damage Restoration

Water indoors is an abnormal condition and can cause a number of problems:

  • Water migrates to areas not originally affected, spreading into adjoining rooms and penetrating materials - it is recommended to evaluate all affected areas, not just areas with visible saturation.
  • Saturated materials swell as they absorb moisture - in many cases drying and restoration will restore them, in others the damage may be permanent. Rapid drying will reduce the chances of permanent damage.
  • As water evaporates it creates high humidity, which can damage some porous materials - it is best to reduce the indoor humidity (dehumidify) quickly to prevent this damage.
  • After water intrusion, mold and bacterial spores germinate and multiply; some of those may cause allergies, infections and toxic diseases.